STRATAGEM offers a variety of unique ammunition lines for the military, law enforcement and the precision shooter. Interested parties to purchase any of the below products, please contact our sales representative at 757-580-9060 or All state, local and Federal regulations apply to the purchase and shipment of ammunition.

 – 7.62 –

STG 7.62 Thumper Cartridge

STG 7.62 Thumper

STG 7.62 Thumper

Built entirely from premium, match-grade components and manufactured to strict tolerances, the STG 7.62 Thumper combines superior MOA accuracy with the highly cost-efficient subsonic system.

Allows operators to effectively and economically train with or without muzzle suppressors. Provides the ultimate in stealth repeatability accuracy with no excessive fouling of the weapon and no problematic fillers used.

The 7.62 Thumper and the 7.62 PBS work well as a system. Use the less expensive Thumper ammo to hone your skills with subsonic rifle ammo and when it comes time for the big hunt, use the PBS.

STG 7.62 PBS Cartridge

STG 7.62 PBS

STG 7.62 PBS

The STG 7.62 PBS Subsonic cartridge reliably and dramatically expands at subsonic velocities, initially penetrating 2 to 3 inches in ballistic medium, then rotating 180 degrees, ending up base-first, having fully penetrated 17 to 18 inches of 20% NATO spec calibrated ballistic gelatin. Made from match-grade proprietary components. Superior repeatable MOA accuracy. Decisive lethality.

The PBS patented ammunition is not cheap. This is because it utilizes a pure copper jacket as opposed to the gilding metal (copper/zinc alloy) used in most projectile jackets today. The commonly used alloy is actually “tougher” and allows for low-cost production with high-speed impact presses. The pure copper is softer, and would not hold up to this treatment. There is no way to automate the process any further than we already have, so the PBS a very complicated and costly projectile to produce.

The difference in price is justified by significantly better terminal performance. The pure copper jacket contributes to the fact that the PBS will expand reliably at subsonic velocities. If the user needs terminal performance unlike any other subsonic rifle round on the planet, the PBS is the obvious and best answer. It was not designed for casual plinking.

 – 5.56 –

STG 5.56 Ultra Stealth

STG 5.56 Ultra Stealth


This is the most quiet and accurate 5.56 x 45mm “sub-sonic” round on the market, with a mil spec MIL-STD-1474D reading of 117dB when used in conjunction with the Gemtech M4-QD suppressor and an M4 Carbine, and 114 db with the SRT Hurricane on an identical weapon. (Reference: Paulson 1997 Silencer Trials, Report BR-71). Other attributes: it is more accurate than M855 ammunition at 50 meters. Tumbles within 2-3″ on soft tissue, producing a large wound channel. It does not use fillers which tend to clog suppressors. The ammunition intentionally does not cycle the action, for the ultimate in quiet shooting. 63-gr. Sierra Match projectile.

 – .40 –

STG .40 S&W Tactical Subsonic

The 180 grain .40 S&W precision subsonic round sets the standard for .40 cal subsonic ammunition. Manufactured to strict tolerances using the excellent Speer Gold Dot projectile, it is extremely accurate and reliable.

 – .45 –

STG .45 ACP Tactical Subsonic

 – 9mm –

STG 9mm Subsonic

 – 12 GAUGE –

STG TacBuster 12 GA. Frangible Entry Cartridge

The TacBuster Frangible Entry load for 12 GA. tactical shotguns is designed to provide law enforcement and government agencies the decisive ability to breach entries up to and including steel doors or vehicle propulsion systems while providing a high level of personnel security during deployment. Safe for close-in discharge with no over-penetration or undesired behind or oblique target effects.  TacBuster is devastatingly effective at stopping fleeing surface vehicles. This dual-use, effective breaching round is compatible with all 12 gauge shotguns. TacBuster is a proprietary loading 325 gr. Frangible Hollow Point Safety Slug with MIL-SPEC components.