“With his forces intact he will dispute
the mastery of the Empire, and thus,
without losing a man, his triumph
will be complete. This is the method
of attacking by stratagem.”
Sun Tzo, The Art of War

STRATAGEM SECURITY, LLC is an alliance of proven leaders in advanced technology development, senior Special Forces commandos, international and intelligence leaders,  industry-seasoned sales and marketing executives and an experienced management team.  Brought together, STRATAGEM provides the critical solution to the current paradigm of preserving military presence and protecting national interests and assets at a minimal cost. STRATAGEM’s collaborative and flexible resources allow customers, worldwide, to realize the benefits of a private sector response that gives elite US and foreign personnel an asymmetric advantage through the mobilization of innovative weapons technology, mission-specific training and force evaluation solutions and that can also be commercialized in the civilian security marketplace.

STRATAGEM provides next generation security innovation to domestic and international government and commercial markets. We synthesize Technology Development, Mission Support and Force Assessment into turnkey solutions that address specific challenges of the rapidly evolving international security environment.

  • Technology Development through the design, prototyping, testing and production of weapons, weapon accessories and munitions.
  • Mission Support providing security operations training, security planning and analysis, tactical training and equipment
  • Force Assessment through an integrated business model of risk and resource analysis; strategic, technology and training assessment.