STRATAGEM is uniquely poised to provide US Military Forces and Coalition Forces an array of high-level, deep-view mission and force assessments. STRATAGEM incorporates intelligence analysis and security assessments in the evaluation of plans, programs and strategies for government customers.

STRATAGEM’s agile business model  provides clients with the ability to acquire cutting-edge training solutions and weapons systems built to the specific demands of the mission.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement units worldwide face not only the enemy within their own localities, but  increasing traffic in terrorism. SWAT units must be highly-skilled in a variety of areas from urban combat to defensive driving.

STRATAGEM provides law enforcement agencies and units the unique capabilities of combined tactical training and mission support products for every level of enforcement from day-to-day logistics to national level threats of terrorism.

 Law enforcement agencies can take advantage of the three-prong STRATAGEM approach through their technology development of product research and development; mission support with product and tactical training; and force assessment through intelligence analysis, training and equipment advisory.

International Government Organizations

From US allies and foreign military and law enforcement sales, our customers will be able to take advantage of STRATAGEM’s customer-driven technologies and mission-specific assessment and training programs. STRATAGEM leverages their years of expereince in military and foreign policy to analyze the most cost-effective means of producing security results, whether the customer is a small agency based unit or a national coalition force.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Sporting & Self Defense

Private Industry