STRATAGEM Capabilities

Through the STRATAGEM Three Tier Business Model, STRATAGEM offers customers a value creation, cross-functional platform for the manufacture, distribution, marketing and sales of unique and innovative specialty weapons, weapons accessories, munitions and security training products.

By leveraging current assets such as ArmaDynamics, Sci Tac, EBR and Space Age Weaponry Inc., STRATAGEM provides customers a ready solution for R&D, IP development, prototyping and manufacturing. Built-in, industry specific operational and marketing sales support offers clients a streamlined approached to a multi-channel sales support system, both national and international. An innovative line of munitions, weapons and weapon accessories under the STRATAGEM umbrella already exist and are ready customer program implementation and integration.

STRATAGEM’s Force and Mission Support Assessment capabilities are spearheaded by a team of highly-trained, highly-skilled individuals with cross-functional and inter-agency special operations and risk management experience that  provide customers with comprehensive force, mission, technology and training analysis and assessment. STRATAGEM’s Security Group offers a wide range of services to include firearms, tactical and security training; cyber security, intelligence analysis, information operations, knowledge management solutions, activity based intelligence and data collection/processing.