STRATAGEM Management

Our management team combines the military, technical, and policy experience with business expertise and extensive networks necessary for success in the international security industry.

Wesley Cross – Founding Partner
Mr. Cross founded STRATAGEM after ten years experience at the nexus of diplomacy, defense and development. A published author in international relations, international law, and corporate strategy, he holds degrees in foreign policy and international business diplomacy from the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service and Institut d’Etudes Politique de Paris. He was an Ellsworth Bunker Junior Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Fellow at The Potomac Foundation and worked at Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress and Center for Strategic and International Studies in various capacities. As a graduate of the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School, Mr. Cross was redirected to engage in various US diplomatic & security programs through analytic and field support to senior advisors and policymakers at the White House, DHS, US Treasury, NATO, USAID, World Bank and IMF. Mr. Cross focused on intelligence analysis and force assessment for the Office of Net Assessment and other USG entities regarding the War on Terror. He later transitioned to international development work after deploying a proprietary enterprise development structure & process to shepherd commercial and social businesses through conception, finance and mobilization. Doing so he served as Chief Strategy Officer for 40 private and public sector entities in extensive on-the-ground experience in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He is fluent in Italian, French, and Spanish, and has basic skills in German and Portuguese.

Dennis O’Geary – Managing Partner
Mr. O’Geary came to STRATAGEM from an extensive background in executive management in DoD R&D, government acquisition and procurement, complex program management, technology integration, government appropriations processes and business operations. He served as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for enterprise development in the areas of system integration, weapons and system platforms, infrastructure architecture. Mr. O’Geary brings to STRATAGEM over 40 years of experience in value-based leadership skills, “out-of-the-box” thinking, operational management, process analysis, systems life cycle and strategic planning. He possesses a strong analytical approach to problem solving, big picture dynamics, visionary outlook with a detail orientation, an ability to quickly synthesize complex ideas into workable scenarios and well managed, profitable companies. Mr. O’Geary served 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps as an enlisted NCO and commissioned Officer. He has a broad range of command billets at the squad, platoon, company and Battalion staff level, including Program Manager under the USMC R&D Command for the Multi-Purpose Weapons Systems & LAV Programs. He has served as a Platoon Commander (infantry, weapons and 106 Recoilless Rifle); XO and CO of a Rifle Company; Battalion S-1 and Assistant S-2; XO, Military Police Company (CI); XO/CO, Headquarters Support Battalion, FMFPAC; Aide-de-Camp, 1 & 2 Star; Senior Instructor, The Basic School; and TS Security Officer. Mr. O’Geary is a graduate of the Defense Systems Management College and holds a Masters in Educational Management from Pepperdine University.

Tom Hoel – Technology Development Directorate Partner
Mr. Hoel brings to STRATAGEM 30 years experience in the Commercial Aviation and Firearms and Defense Industries. Mr. Hoel incorporates a well-centered approach to technology birthing and successful products/services deployments, leading to highly profitable product life-cycle-management schemes. He combines a highly skilled and practiced background in product design and technical development with the experiences of leading multiple successful efforts centered on extensive project management and product launch roles, initiating and developing large-scale quality control strategies and implemented protocols for manufacturing and mass production programs.

As a product development and quality control specialist for the Boeing Corporation, he delivered innovative technologies to the world’s leading airlines on various multi-million dollar engagements. He later became an expert in the mechanics and technology of firearms and related equipment design and operation as a technology developer and business consultant for Gemtech, as well as other industry leaders. Mr. Hoel is recognized throughout the industry as a dependable source of productive, resourceful, and exceptionally marketable intellectual property generation that often features unique and previously unknown strategies. He holds more than a dozen US and Foreign Patents/Patents Pending in the technical design field of firearms-related technology.

Mark Greneaux – Force Assessment Directorate Partner
Mark Greneaux joined STRATAGEM after serving over 20 years as a US Navy SEAL, most recently as Training Department Officer for SEAL Team 18 and Special Projects Team Leader and Tactical Operations Team Leader for Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU). Prior to his retirement, Mark completed multiple combat deployments beginning in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1997 and continued with the Global War on Terrorism in various regions around the world. Having a broad mix of experiences with cross functional and inter-agency teams, he brings a level of commitment and a breadth of experience that few people have the opportunity to acquire. His entire career has involved the management of rapidly deployable resources, the training of US and foreign military powers, as well as strategic planning and program development from the individual to the organization.