Training Needs Assessment

 Our needs assessment is part of a planning process focusing on identifying and solving performance problems. We determine what training is relevant to your employees’ jobs, how it will improve performance, if training will make the difference, distinguish training needs from organizational problems, and ultimately improve job performance with the organization’s goals as the bottom line. If you have ever asked the question, “Why aren’t they doing it like they were taught?” or “How did we have another accident?” then you can benefit from a STRATAGEM Training Needs Assessment. We offer a variety of training solutions from needs assessments to curriculum development utilizing delivery mediums such as instructor-led training, computer based training (CBT), train the trainer, -, and remote video tele-conferencing (VTC). In our organization we live a culture of “Professionalizing the Force”. We start with comprehensive training, we demonstrate capability, we lead by example, and then we pass our knowledge on and start the cycle again. We can help your organization adopt this culture through training, coaching, and mentoring. Get organized today and solve your problems for tomorrow.


At STRATAGEM, we address physical security and other operational risk issues by employing a 360 degree approach, encompassing every aspect of our client’s operations and the environment in which they operate. We draw on years of experience in risk management and reduce our client’s exposure in order to protect their most valuable assets by identifying gaps in existing security programs.  We assist in change management to facilitate the recommended improvements and enhancements to facilities, technology, procedures and the policies that govern them.  STRATAGEM  is well suited for training staff and managers in order to meet the emerging security requirements. From training a security force to implementing a new security policy or defining security procedures Stratagem has you covered. We can improve your overall security posture with our team to deliver immediate results. In the event a client faces a unique challenge we will research, create, test, and field a custom-made solution specific to that need. No problem is too tough or impossible for us to tackle.

Tactical Courses Offered:

  • Basic/Advanced Firearms
  • Law Enforcement training
  • SWAT training
  • Special Operations training
  • IR/NVG operations
  • Adverse target engagement
  • Red Teaming
  • Military skills training
  • Basic/Advanced combat skills
  • Enhanced Threat Awareness
  • Urban Tactics (MOUT)
  • Counter-insurgency warfare
  • Stabilization operations
  • Tactical & convoy driving
  • Mission support training
  • Unit exercises
  • Maritime operations
  • Combat Medicine
  • Medical Certification
  • Surveillance & Counter-surveillance
  • Guard Force Training

Operational Training:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Threat awareness
  • Facility awareness
  • Facility protection
  • Direct, comprehensive operational support
  • Barricade selection/placement
  • Personnel screening
  • Guard training and procedural upgrades
  • Force protection
  • Patrol procedural enhancement
  • Protective services details
  • Executive protection
  • Maritime & port security
  • Clandestine operations
  • Anti-piracy tactics
  •  Motorcade/convoy security
  • Program management
  • Disaster response
  • Emergency action planning development
  • Perimeter protection
  • Access control



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